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Live webcam with multiple users.
Interactive whiteboard.
Screen share your desktop.
Share and write on your documents.
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Tutor Virtually Anything

Mathematics, Sports, Music, Technology, Trade Skills, Business, Recreation, Reading, Science, Art, Engineering, and the list goes on...
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Customized Booking Calendar

Set your own hours and locations.
Set your criteria for booking and cancelations.
Set your tutor to student ratio.
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From your appointment list, you can conveniently...
  • Review
  • Reschedule
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  • ...your appointments.
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Transaction History

See all your initiated transactions in one location.
Integrated payment system with one of the largest payment processors.

Let's tutor and teach now!

There is virtually no limit to what you can teach as a tutor. 

Academics, Sports, Music, Trade Skills, Business, Art, and the list goes on...

Scheduling done!

Your tutoring scheduled with ease based on your customized time.

Get paid!

Hassle free payment system integrated with your scheduling calendar. Now you don't have to worry about being paid on time. 


Convenient messaging system allows you and your students to stay in touch.


Here at edbee we understand time is valuable.  We strive to make things easier so you can focus on your tutoring and getting paid.

We care!

Created by educators for educators.  At edbee we realize you're busy and we work hard to bring features that make tutoring easier. 


Search from a list of tutors that meet your need.


Connect directly with your tutor and schedule a lesson online.


Endless learning opportunities.


Leave a review.. tutors love helping others and getting feedback.


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