Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact a tutor?
If you have messaged a tutor before go to messages after you log into your account.
If this is a new message, in the top search bar locate a tutor, click on the tutor for detail view and write a message (You must be logged in).
How do I book an appointment?
Select a tutor, click "book now" or scroll to the tutor's calendar.
  • Select from available dates
  • Choose a location
  • Choose a subject
  • Select student name (you may need to add a name)
  • Select the times you want (in 30 min increments)
  • Click add more for more dates or checkout
  • Click pay to finish your booking with your tutor (we use Stripe for payments)
  • How do I check upcoming appointments?
    Log in > dashboard > appointments.
    How do I cancel an appointment?
    Log in > dashboard > appointments > choose the appointment time > either reschedule (no fees) or refund (refund fee which goes to your tutor). Availability of these options depends on the tutor's policy at the time you booked your schedule. You can view the tutor's policy before scheduling an appointment on the tutor detail page.
    What do I do if a tutor does not show up or I have an appointment question?
    Please contact your tutor by messaging them.


    When do I get paid?
    Tutors are paid based on the schedule they individually setup with our payment processor. There are many options to choose from.
    Who is Stripe?
    Stripe is a large payment processor headquartered in the United States that handles billions of dollars for companies all over the world. Read more here Stripe

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