How it works - Tutors


Just complete some basic fields in your dashboard after registering, verify your email, and complete the stripe payment processing information to get you paid. Your listing will activate once we have confirmation of the required information.
More is more
The more information you share and complete the better the students will be able to find you for the proper help they are looking for. Students typically get a better sense of who you are as a tutor when they can read more and learn about your accomplishments and skills.
Since we provide a lot of autonomy there are lots of refinements you can make to build your schedule. Any hours you open up for a booking and can potentially be booked and paid for by students. Please keep in mind to be fair and flexible as some student will choose whether or not to book you based on some of the policies you set forth.
Tutor's details
Your tutor detail page may show information such as education, experience, rate, subjects, availability, reviews, and more.
Student can message you through our platform if they have any questions and you can reply back from the messages page.
There are lots of settings for your tutoring availability you can choose from such as rate, subjects, schedule policies, and much more.
Share your 'custom url'
As we do marketing to help others find such great tutoring service we encourage you to do the same. We understand it is the power of the people that brings them together to learn from each other. We have a custom url box located in your account page allowing you to create a custom public url name (subject to availability) for your tutor detail page. We encourage you to create and share your custom url with others on various other platforms such as any social media pages to help your friends learn of your services.
How do I check upcoming appointments?
Log in > dashboard > appointments > either instructor if you're tutoring or learner if you are the student.
How do I cancel an appointment?
Log in > dashboard > appointments > either instructor if you're tutoring or learner if you are the student > choose the appointment time > refund.
For more details about initiating refunds please read our terms of use.
For both students and tutors please use our messages page to communicate with each other. We cannot rely on outside sources to look into matters that may arise in regards to tutoring sessions. Since this is your business we encourage you to run it punctually and professionally to help it's growth.

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