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  • Get Listed Nationally: List yourself for free on edbee and be seen by students locally and nationally. Tutor almost any subject or topic.
  • Set Your Own Schedule: Set your own rate, hours, and location through our booking platform. Students will be able to view your availability and book a session with you. An email will be sent to you informing you of any new bookings.
  • Appointment Manager: View any upcoming appointments on your dashboard. You can also view previously completed appointments in the appointment history section. All new booking, reschedules, or cancelations will be automatically updated allowing you the freedom to focus on your tutoring.
  • Make Your Own Policies: You can set your own policies in regards to booking in advance, cancelations, and reschedules. This can eliminate some of the scheduling hassles tutors experience in managing their tutoring appointments.
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Get Paid On Time

  • Hassle Free Payment Transactions: Students pay for each session at the time of booking. Funds are then deposited into your Stripe account. Payments are handled automatically and in advance removing the concern over receiving a payment and the hassle of filling out an invoice. Additionally, you have the option of refunding any session at any time.
  • Multiple Payout Options: You can set your Stripe account to deposit funds daily, weekly, or monthly into your bank account. You can view all your transactions and billing records through Stripe. You are also able to request through Stripe an annual record of all earnings for tax purposes.
  • Minimal Fee: The edbee platform fee of 20% from tutors will be automatically collected from the payment at the time of booking (see Platform Fee for details). However, if a session is cancelled prior to the appointment time, the fee will be returned in full.
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Free Online Tutoring Features

  • Live Webcam Sharing: Tutor virtually with students from various locations. You can tutor up to 5 students at a time. You have the option of allowing students to see each other or only you.
  • Virtual Whiteboard: An onscreen interactive whiteboard is available to draw, write, or display concepts being discussed. Both the tutor and student can use it providing an effective tool to assess concept mastery.
  • Upload Files: Files can be uploaded to the whiteboard such as lessons, articles, photos, etc. for referencing and use. These files can also be downloaded and printed from the whiteboard.
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