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  • Search Through A List Of Qualified Tutors: You choose a tutor from a national or local list based on desired location, rate, subject, or availability. View tutors’ profiles, ratings, reviews, and availability to find the perfect tutor for you.
  • Message A Tutor: You can message any tutor at any time through the edbee platform.
  • In-Person or Online Tutoring: Choose a location that is convenient for you whether it is online in the comfort of your own home or a public location like a library.
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  • Book At Any Time: You can book a tutor yourself at any time. Select the tutor and time you want and then pay for the session at the time of booking. No contracts. No booking fee. No waiting.
  • Secure Payment Transactions: All payments are handled by Stripe and are processed with bank-level encryption to ensure that your transaction information remains secure.
  • Appointment Manager: Conveniently view your upcoming appointments on your dashboard. Reschedules or cancelations can be made from here within the tutor’s stated policies at the time of booking.
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  • Can’t Find A Tutor Or Category: Post your tutoring need with edbee, and we can reach out to additional potential tutors that could help you. Whatever you are interested in learning, edbee is here to help.
  • Looking For A More Competitive Rate: By posting your tutoring request and listing your desired rate, additional tutors may reach out to you with a more competitive rate.
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