A Complete Guide On How To Tutor Online

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July 14, 2020 by Edbee

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The internet is changing education for good. E-Learning is on the rise so it is only natural that online tutoring is rising along with it. The market for private tutoring is projected to rise by $112.7 billion in 2020

As classrooms are shifting online, tutors need to adjust accordingly. Although online tutoring is nothing new, it is gaining more traction than ever.

Be apart of the technological revolution in the education system by learning how with this complete guide on how to tutor online.

How to Tutor Online and Get Paid 

Tutoring can be a lucrative business if you plan correctly. First off, what subject do you feel qualified to tutor? Are you comfortable teaching various aspects of this subject to a student? What qualifications do you have to teach this subject? 

Tutoring online can be a competitive space so answering these questions for yourself before you start building your business can give you a good idea of what makes you stand out. 

1. Make Sure That You Have the Equipment 

In order to be an online teacher, you need more than consistent access to a computer. You should preferably have an office space or place in a private location that you can work from. This avoids you being in a noisy location at risk that your students won't hear you. 

You also need a strong broadband connection and a computer that has good speakers, a microphone, and a camera. Microphone headsets are probably worth the investment for clear sound. 

2. Develop a Study Plan for Your Students 

Take the time before opening up for business to read up on the basics of the subject and familiarize yourself with common issues students come across.

Once you have an idea of what you will usually have to cover, create a spreadsheet or a document to help organize your process and tutoring program. 

Do not overlook the ways your curriculum can measure success in the subject matter. Create some quizzes to test the student's understanding of the material. 

Because your services will be online, you'll need access to videos, links, and sources. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the tools you need before your first tutoring session. 

3. Find Companies That Have Online Tutors or Work on Your Own 

You can start by looking into companies that hire online tutors and signing up or advertising your services.  A tutoring company can provide many benefits through their platform such online tutoring capabilities, convenient booking, and payment handling. 

Working for a tutoring company at first may be your best bet. Tutoring companies have inherently good reputations because of their large scale marketing and they ensure that all of their tutors have screening options with standard policies in place. That makes tutoring companies the most dependable source for tutors.

When you're an independent tutor, you will have to manage your business as well as keep up with tutoring schedule.  By registering with a tutoring company, they will do all of the backend administrative things for you so you can just focus on helping your students. 

If you decide to go solo, making a presence for yourself on social media can go a long way. If you're currently a student, print out some flyers and put them up on bulletin boards around your college. 

Another great way to gain exposure and show your teaching style and qualifications is by posting Youtube videos explaining common mistakes and providing step by step instructions to that concept in the subject you want to teach.  A simple, clear, energetic video can help you build an online following that could result in future business. 

4. Decide What Your Rates Will Be

This is largely based on what qualifications you have to teach this subject. A person with a bachelor's or masters in the subject can charge a lot more than someone who is currently studying the subject matter. 

Tutors can make anything from $20 to $90 an hour depending on the popularity of your tutoring service, work experience, and your qualifications. 

Once you know what your rate is, you can even do small group of up 3 student tutoring sessions to maximize your time. 

Setting up a payment service that is convenient is important to providing you with efficiency in your business.  One advantage with tutoring on edbee is that they offer a tutoring platform with booking, payments, and online features to make your job easier and make a way to better focus on tutoring students.

5. Expect to Adapt 

Even with all the planning and preparation in the world, you cannot fully predict what each student's needs will be. 

Make sure the student is comfortable using your platform whether it is an online tutoring company website or your own platform. Do they understand the materials you've prepared for them? 

A good idea is to give a free lesson to a friend or a family member to see if they are able to understand your tutoring style. Listen to any feedback and adapt to any changes they think you should make to make learning easier.  

Now You're on Your Way to Becoming a Successful Online Tutor 

With these tips, you now know how to being to tutor online. Online learning is growing now more than ever before and with planning and organization, you can make a lucrative business. 

Soon enough, you will be on your way to having a flexible and rewarding job in one of the fastest-growing markets. 

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